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Latest additions:
AMI-tl on Anik F1RCanal Tres La Pampa on Arsat 1
Real Madrid TV English on Hispasat 1EChaco TV on Arsat 1
Canal 12 Misiones on Arsat 1Tele 10 on Arsat 1

Ant1 on Eutelsat 10ANNTV on Express AM7
RZD TV on Yamal 401Osmaniyem TV on Trksat 4A
GR Shop on Astra 2GRossiya 1 Nizhny Novgorod on Express AM7
Sivam TV on Intelsat 17Senzi on Eutelsat 16A
Somali Channel on Thaicom 5TA 3 on Eutelsat 16A
TV Noe on Eutelsat 16ATV Lux on Eutelsat 16A
TV Mui on Telkom 1CS Mini on Eutelsat 16A
CS Film on Eutelsat 16AKino Svet on Eutelsat 16A
Slgr TV on Eutelsat 16Acko on Eutelsat 16A
EBC 1 on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1aNLM TV on AsiaSat 5
Swadesh News on Intelsat 20Wow Cinema on Intelsat 20
Al-Ghadeer Satellite Channel on Eutelsat 3B8 Kanal on Express AT2

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