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Bally Sports San Diego
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United States

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The EIRP values are for Richmond, Virginia, United States
Position Satellite Beam
Frequency System SR
Video Lang. Encryption Packages Source
91.0°W Galaxy 17 C
3860 V DVB-S2
Eng Digicipher
133.0°W Galaxy 15 North America
4140 V DVB-S2
HD 720
Eng PowerVu
Mike 4
101.0°W T9S/T16 USA Ku DSS
Eng Videoguard DirecTV USA
Kyl 416
103.0°W T10/T12
Eng Videoguard DirecTV USA
Kyl 416

Colour legend: (based on your location)
Beam: Within footprint center Within footprint Outside of footprint Below horizon Beam data unavailable
Frequency: Ku band C band S/Ka band - -
System: DVB-S2 DVB-S non-DVB - -
Access: Clear, HD Clear, SD Encrypted, subscribable Encrypted, non-subscribable -
The subscription info per country may be incomplete.

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