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Only selected headlines are presented here. Several more updates take place every day.
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Week 24
190615 GTRK Sakha and GTRK Vladivostok left Express AM5
Holidayz on Insat 4A
TRT Türk left Astra 1N
TeF Channel 2 on Hotbird 13C
Canal Algérie left Eutelsat 5 West A
190614 Watan HD on TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
Ariana Afghanistan International TV left TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
Al-Dardanel Channel on Eutelsat 8 West B
4K Docu TV left Eutelsat 65 West A
190613 Dubai International Holy Quran Award TV left Badr 4
Dubai International Holy Quran Award TV left Hotbird 13C
Dubai International Holy Quran Award TV left Nilesat 201
190612 M Tunes + on Insat 4A
Lifestyle Asia left Insat 4A
Gilgal TV, Passion TV and Wisdom TV on Badr 7
Nour TV on Rascom QAF 1R
Life HD TV left Rascom QAF 1R
190611 CRTV Sports and Entertainment and Hausa 7 TV on Eutelsat 16A
LM TV Français left Eutelsat 16A
RTB Zenit on Eutelsat 3B
Canal Futur TV on Rascom QAF 1R
Life TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
RTS 1 left Eutelsat 8 West B
190610 VoA TV China and Arezo TV on Eutelsat 70B
Eleven Sports 1 Taiwan left Eutelsat 3B
BB 24 on Eutelsat 8 West B
SexySat Brasil on Eutelsat 65 West A
Canal Futura on SES 10

Week 23
190609 A Plus Kids TV on AzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38
Mega Suare left Türksat 4A
Super TV on Badr 7
Passion TV left Badr 7
National Theatre Live on Galaxy 3C
190608 Noorin TV on TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
Kadirga TV, Makine TV and Manisa Medya TV left Türksat 3A
Köy TV on Türksat 4A
Praise TV and Price TV on Badr 7
Super TV left Badr 7
CRTV Sports and Entertainment on Eutelsat 5 West A
ORTB TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
190607 Nex TV, Flix and Watan HD left TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
RTS 1 on Eutelsat 8 West B
Life TV left Eutelsat 8 West B
En TV, Cinevisión Canal 19, Cielo TV and Comunión TV on Intelsat 14
TV Pajuçara, Antena 7, TNI Canal 51, Canal del Sol and Antena 21, Señal de Vida and
  Super Canal left Intelsat 14
190606 HGTV Deutschland on Astra 1KR
190605 E TV Botswana on Intelsat 20
Av TV left Türksat 3A
Casarhema TV on Eutelsat 16A
SBN International, Rodnoy Shalom and The Word Network left ABS 3A
Alremas TV and W.TV left Eutelsat 8 West B
Al Manhaj and Alebaa TV on Express AM44
Super Canal 33, Hilando Fino TV, Megavisión and Teleunion on Eutelsat 117 West A
Noticias 16, Buenavision TV and Globo TV left Eutelsat 117 West A
190604 Punjab TV on AsiaSat 5
Kentron TV International on Express AM6
Al Nujaba TV on Eutelsat 36B
Nour TV on Eutelsat 16A
Bet 9JA Virtual Game and Bet 9JA Virtual Game 2 on SES 5
Winners Chapel International left SES 5
Press TV left Galaxy 19
190603 7 News HD on AsiaSat 5
El John TV on ChinaSat 11
Jambi TV left ChinaSat 11
Sony Channel Philippines left Apstar 7
ITV, EATV 5 and Capital TV on Intelsat 22
Redemption TV Ministry left Intelsat 20
Duhok TV left NSS 12
Syrian Satellite Channel left Eutelsat 36B
Glory Christ Channel left Eutelsat 16A
Télé Africa on Eutelsat 5 West A

Week 22
190602 Gazi TV on Bangabandhu 1
ITV, EATV 5 and Capital TV left Amos 4
Sepehr on Intelsat 902
RTA, Radio Javan TV and Varzesh TV Farsi on TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
RTB Zenit left Eutelsat 3B
Asil TV on Eutelsat 7 West A
190601 Qatar TV and Radio Nikita TV left Hellas Sat 3
Fascination TV on Astra 2G
Dawn News and Property TV left Astra 2G
Al-Zahra TV left Hotbird 13C
Viewer TV, EATV 5 and ITV on Eutelsat 10A
Voxafrica Afrique and Kwesé Free Sports left Eutelsat 10A
Bet 9JA Football on SES 5
La Voie Sainte TV and SCBC TV left SES 5
Magic 1 HD on Intelsat 37e
190531 TV 25, Bolovsrol TV, ETV HD and Malchin TV on Telstar 18 Vantage
Persian Series, Persian Movies, Persian One and Persian Classic on Al Yah 1
Alsumaria on Hellas Sat 3
Emmanuel TV left Eutelsat 10A
Go TV on SES 6
190530 Din News HD on Apstar 7
Nessma TV, Lana TV and Al Fallah TV 2 on Al Yah 1
Superyacht TV and Marssa TV left Al Yah 1
Dunamis TV on Astra 2G
190529 Yoho TV on AsiaSat 9
Signs and Wonders TV, Entrepreneuse Channel TV, MPU TV, Fano TV and
  African Broadcasting Network on Intelsat 20
More Grace TV, New Generation TV, Reigners TV, Power TV, Praise TV, CFTV,
  Synagogue TV, Fano TV+ and Success TV Plus left Intelsat 20
NTA International left Astra 2G
Onua TV and Chaple TV left Badr 7
EBet Footbal League, EBet Horse Racing, EBet Last Bet, EBet Dog Racing and
  EBet Casino Reports on Astra 4A
UBC TV, U24 TV, Bunyoro TV, King Solomon Broadcasting Network and
  Glorious Times TV on Intelsat 37e
190528 HKS TV, One TV, Angel TV Chinese, HKI TV and GCN Korea on Telstar 18 Vantage
Saif TV HD on AsiaSat 7
Saudi Mubasher on Al Yah 1
KSA Sports +2 left Al Yah 1
Afghan TV on Express AM7
Islamic Library Channel on Badr 7
Saudi Mubasher on Badr 4
KSA Sports +2 left Badr 4
Nabaa TV on Eutelsat 3B
TVH left Amos 7
Saudi Mubasher on Nilesat 201
KSA Sports +2 left Nilesat 201
190527 B4U Bhojpuri and Mahavira TV on Insat 4A
Boom Music left Insat 4A
Diwan TV on Eutelsat 36B
Al Nujaba TV on Eutelsat 21B
LuaLua TV left Eutelsat 21B
SRTV on Hotbird 13B
Magic 1 HD on Eutelsat 10A
Face TV left Eutelsat 10A
IBC Tamil TV left Eutelsat 9B
Al Rayyan Al Qadeem left Nilesat 201
Sudanna TV and Libya 1 on Eutelsat 7 West A
7 Stars TV left Eutelsat 7 West A
Vision TV Channel and Almadaria TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
SD TV left Eutelsat 8 West B
TV Pajuçara on Intelsat 34

Week 21
190526 CCTV 1 and CNC World English left AsiaSat 9
Peretz International, Domashniy International, REN TV International and
  5 Kanal International left Astra 1N
Kalemeh TV on Hotbird 13B
Al Karama News, Al-Nahar TV +2, Fadaeyalibeya, Noor Alkhaleej, Libya Alhakim,
  From Turkey TV and !A on Nilesat 201
Pana TV left Nilesat 201
190525 Diwan TV left Eutelsat 36B
190524 CCTV 1, CNC World English, BTV Business, AP1 TV, TV Today and TV Filmy on
  AsiaSat 9
Prag News left AsiaSat 9
Pijar TV and MyTV on ChinaSat 10
KNN 24 News left AsiaSat 7
DD Uttarakhand and DD Ranchi on G-Sat 10
Telemax and Tierramia TV on SES 14
Canal U left SES 14
190523 Al Kalema TV and Alkeraza TV on Optus D2
Manjari and Anaadi TV on G-Sat 10
TV 3 International on ABS 2A
InterAz on ABS 2A
Champions TV left AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
FAME TV and Prime TV on Astra 2G
SRTV left Hotbird 13B
190522 7 News HD left Paksat 1R
Estrada TV and Est TV on Astra 5B
Tigrai TV left Badr 4
Almasirah TV left Eutelsat 21B
New Africa TV Hausa on Eutelsat 16A
Farsi 24 left Hotbird 13B
Salvation TV left SES 5
190521 Dubai Sports, Aljazeera English, TV Edukasi and Xing Kong China left ChinaSat 11
GoodNews TV on Astra 2G
Deluxe 139 on Hotbird 13B
IMN News, IMN Public, IMN Sport, IMN Türkmen and IMN Kurdish on Eutelsat 8 West B
190520 Movie 2 left AsiaSat 7
Jia News, RK News, RT, Blue and C7 on Insat 4A
NT 2 and Sanatan TV left Insat 4A
InterAz left ABS 2A
Aviation TV on Intelsat 20
Miracle Clouds TV left Intelsat 20
Hodhod Farsi TV HD left TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
Bible TV Global on Astra 2G
Grace TV Global left Astra 2G
Aristo TV, Anixe and Anixe HD Serie on Hotbird 13B
Life 120 Channel and BFC Forbes on Hotbird 13C
Ruriri TV, Discovery Channel Taiwan and Nabaa TV left Eutelsat 10A
Hispan TV left Eutelsat 3B

Week 20
190519 TV E on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
Kanal 5 on Türksat 3A
Estrada TV and Est TV left Astra 5B
Ezra TV and Kingdom TV on Badr 7
Price TV and Tourism & Trade left Badr 7
Tarotcanal left Hispasat 30W-5
190518 Phoenix Chinese Channel, B4U Music India, Arirang World, Quran TV,
  NHK World Japan, Aljazeera English, Sangeet Bangla, Z ETC Bollywood,
  Duronto TV, DW Europe, Music India, TV 5 Monde Asia, Nagorik, Star Sports 3, 9XM,
  DD National, Dhoom Music, CTVN AKD Plus and B4U Movies India on Bangabandhu 1
Sadhna Bangla on G-Sat 17
HornSat Islamic, Horn Shopping Network, HornSat Music, HornSat Series,
  HornSat Action, HornSat Hindi, HornSat Drama, HornSat Kids, HornSat TV Shows
  and HornSat Sport 2 left Thaicom 6
Vitrina TV on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
Moldova 1 left AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
190517 Red News on AsiaSat 7
Jak TV, TV Mu, TV MUI, Da Ai TV Indonesia, Macau Lotus TV, K-Drama and
  DW English left ChinaSat 11
God TV Asia, Movie Bangla and Cine Bangla left Apstar 7
Kiss TV on ABS 2
Yeshua TV left Intelsat 20
Trenet left Intelsat 17
Tourism & Trade and Super TV on Badr 7
Somali National TV left Arabsat 5C
190516 Nada Muslim TV, Saling Sapa TV and Madani TV left Palapa D
Green TV on AsiaSat 7
Rodja TV, YTN World and Hunan TV left Measat 3a
PNC left TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
Enjoy on Paksat 1R
Eu Music, Niki Junior, Niki Kids and 4ever Music left Amos 7
Polishop 2, Polishop 3 and Polishop 4 left Star One C1
190515 VoA Asia 24 left Telstar 18 Vantage
RRI Net and HCBN Indonesia on Telkom 3S
VoA TV Indian Ocean and ABP Ganga on AsiaSat 7
Shark TV UK and VoA TV Africa left AsiaSat 7
BVN Azië and God TV Asia on AsiaSat 5
The Way TV left AsiaSat 5
Skystar Music and Skystar Filme on Intelsat 20
Centralnyi on Astra 4A
Eleven Sports 1 Taiwan on Eutelsat 3B
VoA TV Europe on Intelsat 907
190514 Trenet on Intelsat 20
190513 Bungo TV on Telkom 4
Jek TV left Telkom 4
TV 264 left Türksat 4A
Din News HD left Paksat 1R

Week 19
190512 ET Today on Apstar 7
Miracle Clouds TV and StarCross BCS TV on Intelsat 20
DNC TV and Verge TV left Intelsat 20
Hêvî TV left Türksat 3A
Yasam TV left Türksat 4A
OneGolf left Paksat 1R
Salam TV on Eutelsat 36B
Al Nassr TV left Arabsat 5C
Clouds TV left Eutelsat 3B
Al Wifaq TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
Logos TV left Hispasat 30W-5
190511 Padang TV and Tawaf TV on ChinaSat 11
Riau TV left ChinaSat 11
BTV Chittagong on Apstar 7
Triple A TV on Intelsat 20
Pershyy Zakhidnyy on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
Tayba TV left Arabsat 5C
CineBrasil TV left Star One C3
190510 Awakening TV and P Plus on G-Sat 17
Tehzeeb TV and Maharashtra 1 left G-Sat 17
Fano TV left Intelsat 20
Bereket on Türksat 4A
TV 99 left Astra 2G
DW English, TV 5 Monde Afrique and France 24 Français on ABS 3A
Lounge TV on Hispasat 30W-5
Conexão BR left Star One C2
190509 Thendral TV on Insat 4A
Passion TV on Badr 7
Kurdsat on Hotbird 13C
Kurdsat News and TeF Channel left Hotbird 13C
KUAC-TV left AMC 8
190508 Star TV 1 on Thaicom 6
Clouds Plus on ABS 2
Kumasi Online TV on Badr 7
Hope TV, Afric 7 TV, Miséricorde TV, JesusChrist TV, Miracle TV and AC TV on
  Eutelsat 16A
Kin 24 on Rascom QAF 1R
190507 Josmi TV, 1 Touch TV, Revelation TV, Heroes Palace TV, Schekina Miracle Channel
  on Intelsat 20
Tishk TV on Express AM6
190506 Royal TV on Thaicom 6
Moldova 1 on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
CRTV News, Label TV, Tele Colombe, Vision 4 RCA, LM TV Français, Rifan TV,
  Al-Faydatou Tidjania TV, Alléluia World TV, Canal 3 Cedeao, Jesus Savior TV,
  Glory Christ Channel, Capital Santé TV, Télé Tchad, B6 TV, 24 Hausa TV, Nina sat,
  InfoTV, BF1, QTV Gambia, SMTV, NW Info 2, A12 TV, NW Transnat, NW Muzik,
  NW Sport 2, EMCI TV Paris and Distinction TV on Eutelsat 16A
CMR 7 TV, Canal 2 Musique, Ubiznews TV, ABK TV, Transformers TV, TFM Infos,
  Olé TFM, Cash Chrono, QTV Senegal, Vox TV, TVC News and TVC left Eutelsat 16A
Liberty TV and Hope TV left Eutelsat 5 West A

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