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LyngSat Network has more than 15 million visits per month.
The visitors are both individuals interested in what they can receive
and professionals who want to keep track on satellite channel updates.

All adverts are shown randomly in the vertical bars to the left and right sides at all pages at the websites. They are shown with the impression percentage probability you have bought.

jpgs, gifs, flash or html text.

Sizes and Regular prices for Random location: (per month)

160 x 40 160 x 80 160 x 120 160 x 160
25%    400 EUR    700 EUR    950 EUR 1,150 EUR
50%    700 EUR 1,150 EUR 1,500 EUR 1,850 EUR
75%    950 EUR 1,500 EUR 2,000 EUR 2,450 EUR
100% 1,150 EUR 1,850 EUR 2,450 EUR 3,000 EUR
For prices in USD, please contact us.

Locations in the vertical bar:
Top area location: Regular price +25%
Random location: Regular price
Bottom area location: Regular price -25%

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Other information:
If you get 50% impressions, your advert is shown about 7-8 million times per month. Our advert system makes sure that you get the impression percentage you have bought.

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