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Latest additions:

TVRI Sumatera Selatan on AsiaSat 9Metro TV on AsiaSat 9
RB TV on AsiaSat 9Rajawali TV on AsiaSat 9
TVRI Kalimantan Timur on AsiaSat 9Gemilang TV on AsiaSat 9
TVRI Sumatera Barat on AsiaSat 9Pal TV on AsiaSat 9
BETV on AsiaSat 9Azadi TV on Express AM6
Nu Channel on AsiaSat 9Nabawi TV on AsiaSat 9
NET on AsiaSat 9Balikpapan TV on AsiaSat 9
Radar Cirebon TV on AsiaSat 9TVRI Jambi on AsiaSat 9
Quran TV on AsiaSat 9FTV on AsiaSat 9
Al-Bahjah TV on AsiaSat 9RRI Net on AsiaSat 9
VoA TV Global on Measat 3Saling Sapa TV on AsiaSat 9
TVRI Riau on AsiaSat 9ANTV on AsiaSat 9
Simay-Azadi Iran National TV on Express AM6Maleo on AsiaSat 9
France 24 English on Rascom QAF 1RTVOne on AsiaSat 9
Riau TV on AsiaSat 9Kompas TV on AsiaSat 9

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