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Latest additions:
MBC 5 on Eutelsat 8 West BWanasah on Eutelsat 8 West B
IT Channel on ABS 3AV me on SES 1
V me Kids on SES 1AWE on Eutelsat 117 West A
Imam Hussein TV 2 on Hispasat 30W-6

Karbala Satellite Channel on Eutelsat 7BLife Center Network on NigComSat 1R
Wonderland TV on NigComSat 1RMBC 2 on NigComSat 1R
MBC 3 on NigComSat 1RTV Taraba on NigComSat 1R
Saling Sapa TV on Nusantara SatuKasthuri Gold on G-Sat 30
TV Nigerian on NigComSat 1RDITV Network on NigComSat 1R
GPR TV on SES 9Holy Ghost Miracle TV on Belintersat 1
Abbay Media TV on NSS 12TVM Zambezia on Eutelsat 3B
Shubhsandesh TV on G-Sat 30La C Sat on Hotbird 13C
TVM Cabo Delgado on Eutelsat 3BMGC TV on Trksat 4A
The Map Report on Hotbird 13CTVM Nampula on Eutelsat 3B
TVM Sofala on Eutelsat 3BGoodnews TV on G-Sat 30
AIC TV on Eutelsat 21B

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Launches: Last: SES 17 on 24 October
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