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160W-73E 73E-0E 0W-61W 61W-160W
Satellites: Asia Europe Atlantic America
Packages: Asia Europe Atlantic America
HD TV: Asia Europe Atlantic America
Free TV: Pacific Asia Middle East Europe Africa South America North America
Free Radio: Pacific Asia Middle East Europe Africa South America North America

Latest additions:
Almydan TV on Nilesat 201Life HD TV on Rascom QAF 1R
Dr Jamu on Nilesat 201IMN Kurdish on Nilesat 201
TVW Cable Channel on Galaxy 18MBC Iraq on Nilesat 201
Alhayah on Nilesat 201VoA TV Global on SES 6
News One on Amos 3

TV 99 on Astra 2GHornSat Sport 1 on NSS 12
EBS Musika on NSS 12Av TV on Trksat 3A
Price TV on Badr 7Horn Cable TV on NSS 12
VoA TV Global on AsiaSat 7VoA TV Indian Ocean on NSS 12
VoA TV Global on NSS 12VoA TV Global on Hotbird 13B
Supreme 1 on Badr 7Kanal 5 on Trksat 3A
Z ETC Bollywood on Bangabandhu 1Sangeet Bangla on Bangabandhu 1
Dhoom Music on Bangabandhu 1Aakaash Aath on Bangabandhu 1
Music Fatafati on Bangabandhu 1Music India on Bangabandhu 1
Phoenix Chinese Channel on Bangabandhu 1Arirang World on Bangabandhu 1
CTVN AKD Plus on Bangabandhu 1

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News at LyngSat:
TV 99
on Astra 2G
Almydan TV
on Nilesat 201
Dr Jamu
on Nilesat 201
Life HD TV
on Rascom QAF 1R
Price TV
on Badr 7
Horn Cable TV
on NSS 12
News at LyngSat Stream:
Tele Musik Senegal
Shepherd's Chapel
Assirat TV
Regio TV Schwaben
Tl Liban
Regio TV Bodensee