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Latest additions:
NTN 24 Internacional on SES 3TNT Series México on Intelsat 21
TNT México on Intelsat 21CNN Chile on Intelsat 21
CDF Premium on Intelsat 21

Filamchi on G-Sat 30Marima TV on Intelsat 20
ICTV on Astra 4AAlmareefa Edu on Badr 4
Svoboda on Astra 4AAsia Network TV on Eutelsat 21B
Jak TV on Thaicom 45 Kanal on Express AM8
TV Mu on SES 9Karusel on Express AM8
NTV on Express AM8Rossiya 24 on Express AM8
Rossiya K on Express AM8TV Centr on Express AM8
Match! on Express AM8Pijar TV on SES 9
OTR on Express AM8Fountain TV on Intelsat 20
Berkarya 7 TV on SES 9Ber TV on Türksat 4A
Pick-a-Trick on Intelsat 20TV 6 on Eutelsat 7 West A
Belediye Gündem TV on Türksat 3ARTA on Express AM6
Khurshid TV on Express AM6

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