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160W-73E 73E-0E 0W-61W 61W-160W
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SatTracker: Asia Europe Atlantic America
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Latest additions:
Congreso TV on Amazonas 2WNC Ch 246 on ABS 3A
Revival TV on Eutelsat 7 West ARada on Amos 7
Wasat TV on Eutelsat 7 West AJusticia TV on Amazonas 2

Valiasr-aj TV on Al Yah 1Ayna TV on Al Yah 1
My Passion TV on Intelsat 20Bridge TV Fresh on ABS 2A
Didgah TV on Eutelsat 7BRevival TV on Eutelsat 7B
VoA/RFA News on Thaicom 6IzzyHub on Thaicom 6
Ark of God TV on Intelsat 20Revival TV on Hotbird 13B
HitchHub on Thaicom 6Juvelirochka on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
Nesiha TV on Eutelsat 7CRevival TV on AsiaSat 7
ZippHub on Thaicom 6Walta TV on Eutelsat 7C
Kiron SoccerBet on SES 5Travel Africa Network on Hotbird 13C
Oromia Broadcasting Service on Eutelsat 7CSunnyHub on Thaicom 6
PippHub on Thaicom 6Canale 239 on Eutelsat 9B
Canale 239 on Hotbird 13CPure Gospel TV on Intelsat 20

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Launches: Last: SES 17 on 24 October
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