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160°W-73°E 73°E-0°E 0°W-61°W 61°W-160°W
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Packages: Asia Europe Atlantic America
HD TV: Asia Europe Atlantic America
Free TV: Pacific Asia Middle East Europe Africa South America North America
Free Radio: Pacific Asia Middle East Europe Africa South America North America

Latest additions:
Nour TV on Rascom QAF 1RCanal Futur TV on Rascom QAF 1R
Life TV on Eutelsat 8 West BRTB Zenit on Eutelsat 3B
BB 24 on Eutelsat 8 West BCanal Futura on SES 10
SexySat Brasil on Eutelsat 65 West ANational Theatre Live on Galaxy 3C
CRTV Sports and Entertainment on Eutelsat 5 West AORTB TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
Cielo TV on Intelsat 14Comunión TV on Intelsat 14
Cinevisión Canal 19 on Intelsat 14En TV on Intelsat 14
Hilando Fino TV on Eutelsat 117 West A

TeF Channel 2 on Hotbird 13CHolidayz on Insat 4A
Wisdom TV on Badr 7M Tunes + on Insat 4A
Gilgal TV on Badr 7CRTV Sports and Entertainment on Eutelsat 16A
VoA TV China on Eutelsat 70BArezo TV on Eutelsat 70B
A Plus Kids TV on AzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38Köy TV on Türksat 4A
Noorin TV on TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSatPraise TV on Badr 7
Price TV on Badr 7HornSat TV Shows on NSS 12
HGTV Deutschland on Astra 1KR

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Launches: Last: Yamal 601 on 30 May
Next: Eutelsat 7C & DirecTV 16
at 21:43-23:30 UTC on 20 June
in 3 days, 8 hours, 38 mins
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