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Latest additions:
TV Globo Minas on SES 10

TVE Internacional Asia on ChinaSat 11Napoli International on Hotbird 13C
Tigrai TV on ABS 2Arewa 24 on Eutelsat 7B
TRT Arabi on Türksat 5ATRT World on Türksat 5A
MTC on Eutelsat 7 West ANewsTime Assam on Intelsat 20
TV UPI on SES 9Face TV on Rascom QAF 1R
Tigrai TV on Intelsat 20AUBS TV on Rascom QAF 1R
CongoWeb TV on Rascom QAF 1RMantavya News on G-Sat 30
Motorvision TV on Badr 7PSTV HD on Rascom QAF 1R
Kimbangu International on Rascom QAF 1RSharnam TV on G-Sat 30
MTA 5 Africa on Astra 2FMSNBC on Telstar 12 Vantage
MRT Sat on BulgariaSat 1Odesa Live on Amos 3
MBC 4 on NSS 12JK News on AsiaSat 7
Oman TV on Arabsat 5AM Tunisia on Eutelsat 7 West A
Presence TV Channel on NSS 12Hooosh on Eutelsat 8 West B
Harima TV on NSS 12

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