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Latest additions:

Awraas TV on Hotbird 13CGabriele TV Africa on Intelsat 20
Cinema Gold on AsiaSat 7Ekhbariya TV on AsiaSat 5
Best Market TV on Hotbird 13CSBI News HD on Apstar 7
Coza TV on Intelsat 20Madu TV on Nusantara Satu
Tl Maroc on Badr 5Efarina TV on ChinaSat 10
Reformed 21 on Telkom 4Limpopo TV on Intelsat 20
Jesus Generation TV on Intelsat 20Charis TV on Intelsat 20
Al-Bahjah TV on Nusantara SatuHosanna Broadcast Network on Intelsat 20
Ability TV on Badr 7Capital TV on Trksat 4A
United TV on Badr 7Virgin Radio TV on Eutelsat 9B
TGCom 24 on Eutelsat 9BLa 5 on Eutelsat 9B
Nu Channel on ChinaSat 11Iris on Eutelsat 9B
8 Kanal International on Astra 4AFares TV on NSS 12
ARTS TV on NSS 12Amhara Edu TV on NSS 12
Harari Edu TV on NSS 12Fight Covid-19 on NSS 12

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