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Latest additions:
Band RS on Star One D2ZDF on Eutelsat 113 West A
Das Erste on Eutelsat 113 West ABand Campinas on Star One D2
Band Cear on Star One D2Band Paran on Star One D2
Rede Gospel on Star One D2Band Vale on Star One D2
Band Amazonas on Star One D2TVU Pando on TKSat 1

My-Ukraina on Astra 4ATop Drama on Eutelsat 7 West A
AIT National on Intelsat 20Uma Ukpai TV on Intelsat 20
Omg Channel on Eutelsat 8 West BPure Gospel TV on Intelsat 20
Cookies Kids on Eutelsat 8 West BEnter Film on Astra 4A
Cadde TV on Trksat 4ABenishangul Gumuz Media on NSS 12
Brhan TV on NSS 12Ya TV on NSS 12
Eternal Life TV Network on NigComSat 1RBeIn Sports on Eutelsat 7 West A
BeIn Sports News on Eutelsat 7 West ADivine Hand TV on NigComSat 1R
Revivalland TV on NigComSat 1RDunamis TV on NigComSat 1R
Rhema TV on NigComSat 1RWinners Chapel International on Intelsat 20

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