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You are very welcome to send in updates and news to LyngSat by sending mails to If you send in regular updates, you can get the LyngSat Daily update mails. You can be anonymous with your updates if you want, just include a nick name to use. The real names of anonymous persons will never be revealed to anyone.

Notice that LyngSat doesn't list channels in advance. The channels must have started to be listed. Empty and unidentified channels are not listed either.

The info below is normally required when you send in new channels.
If you don't know all, send in what you know. It may be enough to add it.

  • Satellite (and/or position)
  • Frequency
  • Polarization (H, V, R, L)
  • Channel name
  • Transmission standard (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DSS, Digicipher 2)
  • SR = Symbol Rate
  • FEC = Forward Error Correction
  • ONID (only for DVB, optional)
  • TID (only for DVB, optional)
  • SID (only for DVB)
  • VPID and APID (only for DVB)
  • VCs (only for Digicipher 2)
  • 4DTV VCs (only for Digicipher 2)
  • Internal package number (for channels in packages)
  • Encryption system (or clear/FTA)
  • Language
  • Your location (city and country)

    Extra info:

  • Footprint maps
  • Teletext service
  • Home pages
  • Live streaming
  • Satellite Launch updates
    For updates to LyngSat Logo, use
    For updates to LyngSat Stream, use
    For updates to LyngSat Maps, use

    Notice that it's LyngSat Logo that maintains all logotypes you see at the LyngSat Network websites.

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