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Free Radio from Burkina Faso
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Burkina Faso

Latest free TV additions from Burkina Faso:
180214: El-Bethel TV on Eutelsat 3B
180213: LCA on Eutelsat 3B
180213: TV Al Houda on Eutelsat 3B
180213: CVK on Eutelsat 3B
180208: TV Al Houda on Eutelsat 3B
180204: Savane TV on Eutelsat 3B
180204: LCA on Eutelsat 3B

The EIRP values are for Richmond, Virginia, United States
Logo Channel Name

Position Satellite Beam EIRP

RTB Radio 16.0E Eutelsat 16A Sub-Sahara Africa 0
9.0E Eutelsat 9B Wide 0

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