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Latest free TV additions from Kazakhstan:
210716: Turkistan on KazSat 3
210704: Turkistan on KazSat 2

Latest World additions:
210802: CTV Montreal on Anik F3
210802: Top Movies on Eutelsat 7 West A
210802: Muqam TV on Turkmenlem/MonacoSat
210802: ZooMoo Brasil on SES 14

The EIRP values are for Richmond, Virginia, United States
Logo Channel Name Position Satellite Beam EIRP

Abai TV
LyngSat Stream

Alma TV Info 58.5E KazSat 3

12594 V DVB-S2
Almaty TV
LyngSat Stream

Altai 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11643 V DVB-S2 SD
Aqjaiyq 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11657 V DVB-S2 SD
58.5E KazSat 3

10887 H DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Aqtbe 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11646 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Astana TV
LyngSat Stream

Atameken Business
LyngSat Stream

Atyra 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11642 V DVB-S2 SD
CNL Evropa 13.0E Hotbird 13B Wide 0 10815 H DVB-S SD

LyngSat Stream

CNL Sibir 90.0E Yamal 401 Russia C 0 3605 L DVB-S SD
El Arna
LyngSat Stream

Ertis 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11650 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Jambyl 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11658 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Khabar 24 90.0E Yamal 401 Russia Ku 0 11385 H DVB-S2 HD

LyngSat Stream

LyngSat Stream

Kkshe 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11651 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Mangysta 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11649 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Ontstik 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11648 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Perviy kanal Eurasia
LyngSat Stream

Qazaq TV 91.4E Measat 3a Global 0 4120 H DVB-S2 HD
90.0E Yamal 401 Russia Ku 0 11385 H DVB-S2 HD
42.0E Trksat 3A West 0 12685 H DVB-S2 SD
13.0E Hotbird 13C Wide 0 10930 H DVB-S2 HD
97.0W Galaxy 19 Ku 42-49.5 12177 V DVB-S HD

LyngSat Stream

LyngSat Stream

Qostanai 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11653 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Qyzyljar 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11656 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Qyzylorda 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11654 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Saryarqa 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11645 V DVB-S2 SD

LyngSat Stream

Talim TV
LyngSat Stream

Toi Duman
LyngSat Stream

Turkistan 86.5E KazSat 2 TV
11660 V DVB-S2 SD
58.5E KazSat 3

10804 H DVB-S2 SD

Colour legend: (based on your location)
Beam: Within footprint center Within footprint Outside of footprint Below horizon Beam data unavailable
Frequency: Ku band C band S/Ka band - -
System: DVB-S2 DVB-S non-DVB - -
Access: Clear, HD Clear, SD Encrypted, subscribable Encrypted, non-subscribable -
The subscription info per country may be incomplete.

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