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Latest additions:
Libya Al Watanya on AsiaSat 5Boutique TV on Amos 2
NBS TV on Intelsat 904Focus Haryana on Intelsat 20
Focus Odisha on Intelsat 20QTV on Intelsat 904
ITN on Eutelsat 70BLibya Al Watanya on Eutelsat 3B
Sunna TV on Telkom 1Focus News on Intelsat 20
TVRI 3 on Palapa DSahar 2 on AsiaSat 7
TVRI 4 on Palapa DEchorouk TV News on Eutelsat 12 West A
Rupavahini on Eutelsat 70BFano TV on Intelsat 20
STN on AsiaSat 5PlayGym on Türksat 4A
Cairo Cinema on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13CSöz TV on Türksat 3A
Berivan TV on Türksat 3AH2 UK on Badr 5
Mantle TV on Intelsat 20Miraç TV on Türksat 3A
Tarotcanal on Hispasat 1DChannel One Sri Lanka on Eutelsat 70B
Ege TV on Horizons 23 Stones on Eutelsat 10A
ORTM on Eutelsat 5 West APlayBox on Türksat 4A

*** LyngSat 19 Years - 16 December 2014 ***

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